6 Feb 2012


6 Feb 2012 02:25 am
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okay i meant to post this before i left for atlantic city but the best laid plans of mice and failtards, amirite or amirite, man

anyway this is sammo shoving at you the newest passenger on the space station lollipop - Cecilia Vedder, itinerant waitress slash werewolf slash hitchhiker. she is a teenager of many talents okay and many fake IDs so who knows how she'll intro herself other than snarkily

i'll probs roll a d6 see what happens

anyway i'll probably intro her on tuesday after i get a better handle on backtags and fully recover from a crazy weekend in new jersey and full schedule of classes and a heartbreaking super bowl, thanks patriots, it's not like this happened the last time you went against the giants in the final showdown of ultimate destiny OH WAIT YOU TOTALLY DID

but yes. and now i'm going to listen to samuel l. jackson and go the fuck to sleep

i have the classiest intros i know i'm so sorry sobbing


6 Feb 2012 11:48 am
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I'm just really not feelin' Eq suddenly, plus I'm venturing into the real world and becoming a real adult (ugh) on top of having to finish up a class from when I wasn't a real adult and not ready for the real world.

I will backtag like the fist of the north star if you would like, and don't be offended if you still see me in museboxes/memes/etc., I just don't really have the smarts to keep up with two games right now and I need to play someone besides this sweaty douche, haha.

So I guess we're talking like two weeks? Stay awesome, guys! :D
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I'm going on hiatus for a little bit- I just can't write either of these characters right now, and I'm going through a bit of a depressed phase which doesn't help.

I'll backtag all you want when I can tag decently again, of course.

This affects Ashley [personal profile] brbvirmire and Chellbot (I guess I can just call her Chell now?) [personal profile] rebuildscience. They'll be on autopilot until I get back; godmod rights for Ash go to the rest of Normandyhaus if they need her.


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