4 Feb 2012

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Guess what's coming up? No, besides Floral Design Day.

That's right, Valentine's Day. As part of her continuing quest to understand pan-universal culture (but apparently only the painfully commercial parts) Hypatia is hosting a series of Valentine's events. Love is in the air--but fortunately not in the form of spores this time.

Speed Dating )

Singles Auction )

Space Prom )

Surely Cupid's arrows will fly, and nothing about any of this could possibly result in a comedy of errors, awkward mornings after, or horrible violence!
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Helloooo Jae here, your resident Captain Boy Scout and psychic kitten, creeping back from hiatus to greet all you lovely folks and say hi to the ones I haven't met yet!

I'll be throwing a Steve-post up tonight and probably sticking Cy at the speed dating thing because why not.

Just a heads up, most of my tagging will probably happen late in the evening/on weekends until the fourteenth, since I'm still finishing up edits on the project which made me hiatus in the first place. ...I needed fun before I took a metal bat to my coworkers. 8|

....That's all I got except to say someone sign Steve up for the singles auction someone do this thing.
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It's Mireille with her 3rd character! Woohoo I am slowly building a secret army of characters.

It's kid Loki from Marvel 616! Long story short, Loki died, but he got better. Now he's a thirteen year old kid who remembers his identity, but doesn't have the memories or ability of his older incarnation. His best spell right now is curling into the smallest ball possible and hoping that playing dead will make people go away.

I can be found on plurk at sarasarus, and every once in a blue moon on AIM under SNIPER IS A SPY



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