3 Feb 2012

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Hey guys. I've been given the go-ahead to torment you with play Larxene from Kingdom Hearts here at your lovely little game. Don't know the character? Well... she's sort of a sadistic bitch with the powers of lightning at her disposal.

Glad to be here and hope to rp with you all soon!
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Hi everyone! Mari, your Wanda-player here with a new character! This is Cathy Barrett from Simon R. Green's Nightside series. If you know the series, then Cathy's been pulled from after the Lilith Wars.

If you don't know the series, well, to put it simply, Cathy was lured into a space-and-time-defying city (located in the middle of London while still somehow being larger than London) where it's always night. She was almost digested by an alien house until a private investigator named John Taylor found and rescued her. She pretty much adopted him/forced herself on him as his secretary on the spot because she wanted to stay in the Nightside with all of its monsters/myths/legends/undead/predators, and since then has become a valuable asset to his business as well as something like a daughter to him.

Cathy runs off of booze, caffeine and adrenaline. She can out-drink, out-dance, and out-party most people, and will do her damnedest to charm the socks off everyone.

Looking forward to throwing her into the middle of things and if anyone wants to plot feel free to drop me a line on AIM at ramiahstar or Plurk at [plurk.com profile] ramiahstar!
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... but don't worry, i don't smell.

HELLO SINGULARITY. i am kat. i was here for all of two minutes a few months ago with one agent coulson before life blew up in my face and went lol no you can't do this. but now i am back!! this time with a smartass of a girlchild with earthquake powers who is also from s.h.i.e.l.d., is named daisy, and will snoop in all your shit while sassing you.

um. yes. anyways. i'm super excited to be back here!! daisy's intro should be going up here shortly, annnd idk what else to say. if anyone wants to plot or chat or whatever i am over at [plurk.com profile] clocktower or you can probably catch me sometimes on aim at paravels

I THINK THAT IS ALL. god, intros are awkward as hell.
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Hello all!

My name is Ru and am brand spanking new to this game. And I apologize for the belated intro. School totally ate me in the past week. But a game about space? How could I resist.

Anyway, I am bringing you The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who! He is the clumsiest, quirkiest, and silliest time traveling alien you will ever meet. He is fond of gingers, fezzes, fish fingers and custard, and is definitely in love with his police box of a space ship. Yep. A total weirdo. Currently, I am taking him from the most recent Christmas Special (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe), so if you haven't seen that far yet please be wary of spoilers!

I hope to have an intro up for him this weekend. Unfortunately, this month is quite busy for me so I will be a bit slow. But I am super excited to play here! If you ever need to talk to me please feel free to hit me up on my contact post, aim, or plurk!
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Okay, in case you missed Eric's announcement, he is having a Singles Auction on February 10th. Obviously, to have an auction, there needs to be people to auction off. It's for charity, after all.

Characters don't have to volunteer themselves. Other people can sign up unwilling characters-- as long as they can find some way to get them there. Eric's not your personal army or overseer to get them to show up.

If you want to sign up a character, just fill out the form below:

Please post the Character name in the Subject line as well.


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