2 Feb 2012

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Because lol what is continuity, Emma's going to get pulled into the teleporters and come out remembering stuff she didn't before. Specifically, House of M.

So she's going to be gone for a few days, starting as soon as it won't horribly inconvenience her canonmates. LET ME KNOW, GUYS.
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Greetings gentle viewers. Some of you know me, most of you don’t, but my name is Emily, and I am fresh meat to this lovely, lovely comm, and I am very excited to be joining you all. I have heard nothing but awesome things, and I can’t wait to jump in. I am bringing you this guy:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I bring you Alec McDowell.

For those of you who don’t know who Alec is, he is a young, very intelligent, genetically engineered cat boy who does not know when to shut up. He was created as part of a program to build super soldiers, so think Captain America, but on embryos and using animal DNA. He’s really a nice guy, once you can get past the sarcasm, incessant commentary on your life choices, and a very real need to stick his nose into everything. He also is very handy to have on your side, because he kicks all kind of ass.

He’s coming in from the very beginning of 221: Freak Nation, after he is shot by the sector police, and his good buddy pulls a gun on him, followed by a four month jaunt in a mystical fae wood where he got pushed around like a transgenic chess piece. This also means that he might know some of you, despite the fact that you’re not from his canon, which really is all kinds of awkward when you think about it. He has a CR chart written up for the people that those would entail, and if your character happens to be on it and would be uncomfortable with having Alec recognize them, just drop me a note. I’m totally cool with having him play dumb—he does it a lot of the time anyway.

The only people who can’t get out of this are Max and Peter. In fact, he’s pretty much going to forcibly attach himself to Peter’s leg, like that six year-old that’s too shy to talk to his parent’s friends. But that’s because his emotional maturity is actually that of a six year-old, so it works out. Plus he’s kind of adorable:

Who can resist that face?

As for OOC contact, you can reach me at the following:

AIM: iluvroadrunner6
E-mail: iluvroadrunner6@gmail.com
Plurk: iluvroadrunner6
HMD: Bam!

I’m also available via PM to Alec’s journal. I’m always open for plotting, goofy shenanigans, angst and horrors, whatever the case may be. YOU WANNA DO IT, I WILL PROBABLY SAY YES because I’m easy like that. Anyway, he will be intro’d very soon, either tonight or tomorrow. IT’S VERY NICE TO MEET YOU ALL. =D
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Goa here, adding to the growing DC pile.

Have an annoying perky, super friendly, super powered girl of the alien persuasion. Starfire hails from the animated! version of Teen Titans, which means she's young, unsure, will be convinced she is in some terrible future yet again, and won't be wearing anything skimpier than the mini skirt (thank god).

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 Sup chickdees and chickadudes!  I'm Kates and I am fresh new blood (despite the fact that I know like, half the players in this game from C&C and TLV hi guys).  And I'll be expanding your Marvel cast even more than it already is.  It's like the rabbit of casts, you don't pay attention for just one month and then it's suddenly where did all these people come from oh God why are there more.

Anyway, I am bringing in Emil Blonsky from the Marvel Movieverse!  Because Bruce's life wasn't shitty enough.  Blonsky's most notable for being Tim Roth, wanting to punch things rather than talk things out, having supreme issues related to power, being the de facto villain of the Hulk movie and turning into a giant rage lizard monster for the latter quarter of the film.  He will be keeping said giant rage lizard monster ability (it's the Abomination but don't call it that to his face because the giant rage lizard monster is a thing of beauty you guys) but will only turn into the Abomination once in a blue moon.  Or when the plot demands it.

Anywhos, my AIM is MartyDaChicken and my plurk is kamikazescot-feel free to add me on either of those!  I know my activity this next week will be sliiiightly shoddy since I'll be visiting a friend, but that's why the good Lord invented backtagging.

It's wonderful to be here and I can't wait to play with all of ya'll!
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Hey, Vic here! For those people who replied to Kal's post advertising gun lessons, there's an optional open log up. If you'd rather handwave, that's a-okay too.

/moonwalks out of here


2 Feb 2012 10:50 pm
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Hello all! My name is Kate and I'm totally new here. I'm bringing in Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games trilogy. Um, he's from the third book (Mockingjay) near the end, so avoid him if you're worried about spoilers! I'll try to put warnings on major spoilers or put them behind a cut if I can, but he's kind of a walking talking spoiler as he is.

He'll be arriving in handcuffs, so.. please help him. :c Oh, and I'll be introducing him IC tomorrow. If you have any questions or concerns or anything, please say hi! I'm thedarkfields on AIM or thenextreveur at gmail.


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