27 Jan 2012

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Hey, hey!

My name's Leon/Blaze. I'm a new mun, and I've picked up Dr. Carson Beckett from Stargate: Atlantis.

I know a few people on here, and you guys know who you are, but I'm really looking forward to playing with as many people as possible!

If you want to contact me, do so in the following ways:

AIM: Blaze0010
Plurk: youngflamelion
E-mail: blaze001@me.com

Looking forward to this!
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HELLO EVERYONE okay here i am posting a hiatus notice this sure is a hiatus

i will be mostly gone starting today (january 27th) to february 10th. my sister is coming to visit me here in china and we are going to travel all over the country!!! okay well not all over, but we sure are going to be travelling a lot, and i'm definitely not going to be all that available. i can probably continue to backtag and maybe pick up a couple of new threads here and there, but i will pretty much be good and hiatused.

i only play aradia, so this just affects her. she will be on autopilot, doing her regular aradia things like bothering her friends and floating through their windows and flying around the station looking for indiana jones dvds and being a little creepy and looking for corpses to throw parties for.

okay i love you byebye!!!
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YO SUP GUYS it's me again, it's Danzy, your Billy Kaplan player bringing in another Marvel character dkfjghdlhgdgf!!!

Behold the hilariously emo dude from the MCU!Thor movie, Loki! He's post-movie, pre-credits so that should sufficiently explain his canon point, but to those who don't know - BLACK-HOLE HOPPING TIME basically. :)

Loki's not looking forward to being here but WHATEVER HE CAN SUCK IT.

...Hi. ♥
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As many of you may or may not know, Alex Wilson here has the power to visit other people's dreams! As you may NOT have known, she has the power to draw multiple people INTO her dreams.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU!? It means that very soon Alex is going to create a safe dream construct that people can visit and chat in when they absolutely do NOT want Hypatia or anyone to see what's going on. Since it's all in Alex's head, the only thing the cameras can see is that your characters are currently taking a nice nap.

Alex's powers are not limited by distance, so it doesn't matter where on the station you are! They ARE limited by the fact that your character has to be sleeping at the same time as Alex. Alex tends to sleep a LOT though (twelve hours a day, on average) because she 1. suffers from depression (Though she's been getting better) and 2. You'd sleep a lot too if you had near-complete control over most of your dreams and they felt more real to you than reality.

Alex will be putting up an IC post about this soon. The way this'll work is that last night, she'd have created the construct, and tonight she's going to seed people's dreams with a thought of a red paper crane. If they pick up the paper crane and focus on it, they can come to Alex's dream, and interact with other people.

The dream itself will be an open log! Whee. Any character can come in, INCLUDING robot characters / nonhumans. Basically, if it's sentient and self-directed and experiences something similar to a dream-state, they can come.

UHH OTHER STUFF. If you guys want other dream logs, Alex will be keeping the construct as long as it's necessary, so your characters can use it as they please, so long as, y'know, Alex is asleep at the same time as your characters, and they have some way of quietly letting her know first. But PLEASE drop me either a Plurk (lucid_seraph), a PM, or a line on AIM (failscream) beforehand, because while Alex might not necessarily interact with your characters if they're using her dreamspace, she'll be aware that they're there and it'll be pretty much impossible for her not to listen in. Also she may threadjack.

UHH FINAL NOTES. If anybody causes trouble in the dream (starts a fight, tries to attack somebody, etc), Alex is pretty much God in the dream-world, and can and will punt your character awake (BANHAMMER). She can also restrain them or otherwise just be like AW HELL NO.

I WILL MAKE AN IC ANNOUNCEMENT (sorta) SOON, and then after I get my laundry and stuff I'll make the lawg. FEEL FREE TO BACKTAG THE THING INTO OBLIVION I LOVE BACKTAGS.
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Hi, everyone! I'm Mara, and I'm here bringing an AU and eensy version of Charles Xavier from X-Men: First Class.

AU info can be found on his app, but the short version is that he was born six years earlier, lived in England, and was discovered as a telepath during World War II. He enters at the ripe old age of 13, from the year 1941.

As far as powers/permissions go: I tend to play this by ear, but I promise I won't read have him read people's characters' minds without permission, and if he does and you would rather him not, I'm happy to retcon.

Okay! Happy to be here, and happy to get down to playing!

EDIT: And I should also mention that I am on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] cerebel. Feel free to friend!


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