26 Jan 2012

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WHAT UP SING. Tomato here and I am posting this for Jae who wanted me to inform you all that one Captain Steve Rogers will be disappearing for a bit for one of those fancy canon update things. Because she is a busy thing and has no time for us, what a horrible person right? But no, really, she herself is disappearing into the abyss of writing and editing, so what a perfect opportunity!!

Her tags will basically probably be nonexistent until after the first week of February. And if for some reason she does tag you, please do yell at her to get back to work.

Oh and you know Cy is just floating around. Like she do. k that's all bye.
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oh hello everyone, you know have +1 Assassino in your outer space colony. I present to you Ezio Auditore da Firenze of late Brotherhood, coming in with memories from Gargleblasted so Mass Effecters, he might recognize a few of you. Also, he has the Apple, just nowhere near as powerful. Still, fear the Apple.

anyway, sup, I'm Lina, and I am nowhere near Italian but I hope to bring you your daily does of Italianos to your game. questions, comments, concerns? you can find me on plurk @ lightcycle or add me on AIM @ vagabondwoof
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You know that one series you've never seen or read, but you've totally heard of it and you've always wondered what it's about and where you can find it, etc. etc. etc., but you can't be bothered?

Hot Pants is from that series. Specifically, this warrior nun lady is from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the Steel Ball Run variety.

A few things to note: She's a transplant over from Gargleblasted, so she's bringing some mental stability with her; she's also going to be pretending to be a man for a good long while, as this is what she does; AND she's got multiple names and identities, including that of a male jockey and a nun. She's actually a nun, I swear. I will be putting up a permissions post if any action-type things get going, as she has a super powerful ability called a Stand. It's generally harmless unless she wants it to hurt someone, so never you mind. <3

If anyone's familiar with SBR, please note I'm going with her as Italian, not American (aka conspiracy theory), but I HIGHLY DOUBT anyone currs. Which is sad, 'cause it's REALLY good.

OH! I'm Nini. Salute~
AIM: LadyIverin
plurk: hotpants
but tell me who you are on plurk and such. XD


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