23 Jan 2012

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Hello folks. My name is Marion and I'll be joining your cozy space game with a foxy alien lady who has damn fine horns and is borderline socially inept.

This is The Handmaid from that one webcomic about thirteen year olds with typing quirks called Homestuck. She is a troll, but an adult one. Which only means she's taller, older and has horns that her head shouldn't be able to physically support aww yeaah. She also dresses up in asian clothes, can peform cool majyyk (yes that is how it is spelled out) and works as an emissary for Death! Fun times. And there is more spoiler stuff to say, so go check out her app if you feel curious and don't mind. All you need to know is that she's a tough lady who doesn't take crap and doesn't like making friends because she is under the impression that everyone hates her. Also colorful firework style magical powers, which make her eyes do a strobe light rave effect, using Chinese hair stick wands.

And that's all I think I have to say. Also since I hear it's customary to make one of these I have a text permission post here since Homestuck is weird, but don't expect her to use it too much since she rarely ever touched a computer.
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Im going to have no internet access for four days, and then little to no acces for another four days after that.
Ill be back on the 31st.
Im going to try my best to get internet access sometime after the first four days, but I dont know if I can.

Still I thought a heads up was in order.
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HI GUYS ARE YOU EXCITED BECAUSE I AM please excuse the naked icon slots, I'm just getting around to pimping out his journal. But!

Ahem. HELLO SINGULARITY, fresh new thing here. I am Mal, and I am tossing in this asshole who probably needs little introduction. He is Sherlock Holmes, resident smartypants and sarcastic douchewaffle, but this time with INTERNET. BBC's Sherlock all modernizing the original Doyle novels and such. I apologize in advance. This one is really a petulant little thing.

I've a permissions post for him under the link, if you could take the time to fill it out - it's SUPER helpful for canons I don't know, especially. Be as detailed as you'd like!

Other than that, I'm available for plotting and chatting on AIM at drunkandblogging, and also ze ploork at stagnation.

ksldgj gosh i'm so excited to be here, thanks again, and I can't wait to meet all of you!

EDIT: THIS IS SUPER LATE I'M SORRY, BUT FOR ANYONE WHO SEES THIS! Sherlock is being taken from post series two of Sherlock, so please please please tell me if you would like to avoid any SPOILERS in general. He's a pretty damn private person and I doubt he'll be blabbing much of things to people in general, but just as a precaution!
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Hi everyone! My name is Alma and though not brand new to LJ RP, I'm brand spankin' new to Sing and delighted to be here. So as to give the DC characters present yet another shove in the population area, I'm bringing you Harley Quinn from Batman: the Animated Series from right after her 'death' in the Batman Beyond movie Return of the Joker.

She's the Joker's main squeeze and completely off her left nut, but believe me, she's a peach to have around! If you like your peaches with bruises and the random explosion, that is...

She's trained in psychoanalysis and this means that while she might have her moments of pure blonde ambition, she is also sharp when she focused and has no moral qualms about using this to her (and her puddin's) advantage at any point.

But really, the thing to worry about the most is her proclivities for making bombs and other dangerous devices for her amusement. 8D

I'm so happy to be here and am looking forward to playing with you guys and girls! xoxoxo


23 Jan 2012 10:44 pm
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Hey, sorry about this but I'm going to be dropping Shadow for the time being. I have no RP motivation and I haven't been active at all, and I really should be.

There is a very high possibility that I will re-app in the future, but for now, friend remove no1canbreakyou.
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Hola, Singularity, my name is Rema and I'm interrupting this program to inform you that I'll be playing Raven (aka Mystique, best code name ever, y/y/y?) from X-Men First Class! She's like the more approachable slightly more endearing counterpart of her later snarky borderline terrorist nudist blue self. Yeah.

Oh she's also a shapeshifter and just in case shapeshifting is super not your thing (or alternatively if it super is your thing) I have a permissions/plotting post here.

The best way to contact me is via aim, mine is idkmybffisao alternatively I have a plurk but I'm kind of all over the place and talk about a lot of non-rp stuff but if that hasn't deterred you, it's luftballons.

I'll try to have an ic intro up tomorrow afternoon(ish) and I am looking forward to playing with / meeting you all! I have heard nothing but wonderful things about you guys.


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