22 Jan 2012

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All right, so here are the facts:
- Isaac and Altman are probably kidnapped by crazy people on Asphodel. They, at this time, will not be located/rescued until further specified by their respective players.
- Aradia and Sollux aren't dead and aren't totally kidnapped! I am unsure of how their respective players wanted this to be handled.
- Cakes are friggin tasty as hell.

Soundwave is scraping up a semi-rescue plan. People cannot be left on Asphodel for over 48 hours or pretty much they'll be left behind, so every two days, a group will be sent to explore Asphodel looking for their missing people. Soundwave will have a rotating schedule.

What I need to know is who is going, assuming Soundwave is putting you into his schedule. Remember, you don't HAVE to stay behind even if Soundwave tells you off, you can do your own thing, guys! Frankly, this is just more for my ability to track things ICly than necessary.

Two groups will go down initially, each with their own vehicle to quickly cover ground (gotta love transforming robots). After the initial 48 hours, Soundwave will send one group for every two days so (hopefully) no one else will be left behind. The plan is that the groups will be fairly large so they'll be harder to abduct/attacked/HOLY CRAP GIANT WORMS. I don't think anything will majorly happen, mostly just sand, dirt, rocks, and a lot of wandering around, most likely.

Dunno if this post helps, but I figured I'd slap it up here for discussion's sake if need be.
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So, hello!

I'm Danzy, and I'm bringing you Billy Kaplan from Marvel 616, under the banner of the Young Avengers. He's a bittyvenger who has world-change type powers and is also maybe really really into being fanboy over the granpavengers, and he's coming in right out of Children's Crusade 8. I won't describe the actual canon point since it's a giant ball of clusterfuck but just assume it's not a happy canon point! (He's not dead, at least.)

Playerwise I am totally new to Singularity, and I look forward to playing with you guys on here. /o/! I'm on plurk as gilgrado, and if anyone wants to ping me please feel free to!

...That was a lot of !!!s for this post, sorry.
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So, WA got hit by some nasty winter storms that took out people's power and internet access. Power's back, but internet is not, so I'm going to go on slowatus until it gets sorted out. It might be done tomorrow, Tuesday, or... next week.

Tags will be very slow for now.
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Just a quick note that in honor of the New Year, everyone on the station who is under 18 is getting red envelopes. Since Jin is a little short on funds and there are a lot of kids on the station, everyone is getting just 8 chits in their envelopes. To make up for that Jin is also including a cookie and a fortune card in each envelope as well. Feel free to make up what the fortune says :)

Also Pietro is the one delivering the envelopes so feel free to comment on that LMFAO

Also he is hosting a tiny shindig tonight in Garden Zone 1 with fireworks and food and stuff. A log will be up later and everyone is invited :3
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HELLO SINGULARITY. This is Ammay of thunder god fame bringing you one (1) Sherlock Holmes from the '09 movie! He's coming in post movie and will still be mercilessly untactful.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT QUESTION - I'll be putting up a permissions post on his journal in a few days but for right now I'm just throwing this out here.

If you don't want Holmes to make uncannily accurate deductions regarding your character and their past/everything, please let me know! What I do is basically troll applications, wikis, whatever and come up with what I feel could lead to Holmes making the deductions. Let's take Deadpool for instance! ( with thanks to Pat! )

- disdain for personal safety and seemingly not bothered by any damage incurred = nothing to live for - was there past emotional loss? highly likely ( healing powers?! )
- treatment of the world as an entire joke ( references to an RP, meta jokes ) = reinforcing hiding real pain and emotional trauma
- antics that seem to draw attention to himself = a desire to be noticed (even accepted?)

SO SOMETHING GENERALLY ALONG THOSE LINES is what I'd limit myself to - nothing super specific that I can't generally back up with some sort of reason why. And all would be based on specific things that Holmes have noticed in game. If he hasn't see say, someone avoid all alcohol, he's not make an assumption that they're an alcoholic/have a family history of it. ALSO unless your character asks him to do what he does there won't be any aimless history digging - just offhanded comments.

If anyone has any questions at all or feel like I'm stepping on toes, just let me know!
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Hey guys, I heard you had a shortage of shirtless programs in here so I thought I'd fix that. This is Anarin here, player of Emile and Delta, bringing you one (1) ISO who sounds suspiciously like Jensen Ackles. Gibson here comes from Tron: Evolution chapter 5, right as he's crashing his lightcycle, by way of [community profile] paradisa. Upshots of his stay in a magical castle include recognizing different species like trolls and ponies, knowing Rinzler and Abraxas's true identities, and completely forgetting the identity of Kevin Flynn. Oops.

He'll probably think this is a castle shenanigan at first, since he was also briefly turned into a (human) pirate once for a game plot, so he may be disoriented for a while. Especially if Clu writes a second part of his fanfic masterpiece.

Post should go up soon, and if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask or check out the app on his journal!
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This is a quickie reminder to please fill out the Taken page. It takes two seconds and will avoid awkward things like someone trying to app your characters. If you notice someone's missing, give 'em a poke. Oh, and feel free to point out any horrible and/or amusing errors we may have made over there.

Apps close tonight, and the reserve round for this month is only going to be a week long, to get us back on schedule from the move. Normalcy, or as close to it as things get around here, will be restored in February.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Soap Opera in Space.


22 Jan 2012 08:32 pm
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Due to a really bad eye infection I'm going to have to take an emergency hiatus. Idk when I'll be back. I'll try to get to the tags in my inbox slowly, but no promises.

Sorry guys.
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Hi everybody. I'm Mandolin and I'm brand new - although I think I played with some of you way back when in C&C? Maybe? The brain is not firing on all cylinders now which meant it was an awesome time to post this.

I'll be playing Betty Ross from the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie, a cellular biologist who's very sweet and soft-spoken provided you don't screw with the people she cares about *cough*Bruce*cough*. Also nuts enough to run in front of a tank to help him out. So. Yeah. She's taken right from the end of the movie, after everything went down in Harlem.

I'm most easily reachable at mandichaos at gmail dot com, since work blocks everything else but Tumblr (no idea why) but my barely-used plurk is littlebulldozer. EDIT: oh, and shinytomato on AIM.

ANYWAY. Why is this fail, you ask? Because I got food poisoning a few hours after posting her app and have spent the weekend in bed. So I might intro her in a day or two or whenever I can eat more than crackers. On the upside, I won't be at work tomorrow? :)

I am so excited to be here. You have no idea. I just need to wait to intro when I actually know what the heck I'm posting and will not be falling asleep in the middle of a tag...


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