17 Jan 2012


17 Jan 2012 02:40 pm
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i forgot to post this

my bad.

i'm going to be gone from the 15th-24th of this month, so assume simmons is... playing his MMO. and not getting sun.

you know what? it'll be like i never left.

be back soon!
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oh my, this is Mireille with her 2nd character, Dr. John H. Watson, from the lovely Sherlock Holmes 2009 edition. I believe he was accepted a bit more than a week ago, but I'm pretty scatterbrained when it comes to getting things done, so here's his ooc intro!

I'm not a huge fan of intro posts that consist entirely of 'TECHNOLOGY SORCERY', so for my own sanity and the sanity of anyone Watson comes across, I'm just going to assume he spent the better part of a week figuring out what the hell technology was.

and that's it... OH WAIT Pre-Game of Shadows because it's still a recentish movie and I dun like spoiling people. It ruins my morning cereal.


17 Jan 2012 09:21 pm
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Hey, it's Dal. I suppose I should've done this before I reintro'd her, but...whoops! So anyway, this is Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect! She was here before, I dropped her back during the summer but she's back on the station now as of a few hours ago. Intent on stealing your valuables and spreading all the rumors.

For those unaware, Kasumi is the best thief in the Mass Effect galaxy (though not the most famous.) She's always got a clever comment for any situation, she's kind of a kleptomaniac, and she's a horrible gossip.

Her intro is here. So feel free to say hello!


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