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Just letting you guys know that RL has been really busy for me in the past two weeks and won't be letting up til after the month is over. I'll be slow/nonexistent until then, so I'm gonna officially hiatus for a little while.

[personal profile] pythianjudgment will be teleport-napped until I come back, and receiving a canonupdate to post-Facility's year-end event. Haha, failed rescue attempts. Expect terrible things.

Thanks <3
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UPDATE: Trip has now been capped. ICly the reason will be that the shuttle simply isn't that huge, and Altman will only be bringing characters who either a) have a legit reason to be down there b) manage to wheedle their way in via personal connections. There will be other trips down to the planet, but a few things to keep in mind:
• The planet isn't that hospitable ('The atmosphere is toxic and there is not enough oxygen to keep an ordinary human alive without some kind of filtering system or personal supply of air.', for example), and honestly there isn't a lot down there unless you like huge scary worms and sand.
• Shuttles down to the planet are available to characters. You can always organize your own little jaunt down, should you feel so inclined. Hypatia only gets prissy if you're down there more than a few days at a stretch--quick day trips to look around are quite feasible for the general public (assuming they pull together the necessary survival equipment).

There will be a post from Altman tomorrow explaining the IC reason for the cap, as well as a chance for characters to plead their cases to tag along. Sorry about this, but it got a pretty huge pretty quick, and we'll be stretched rather thin running NPCs and keeping an eye on things as this goes down. Since certain NPCs are played by certain mods, the fewer characters interacting with them at a time the more of an in-depth experience we can provide. Fewer people = better NPC relations.

For those who are confirmed to go, please reply here and let us know what your character will be doing. Even if they're just wandering the tunnels uneventfully for a few hours, we'd like to keep track of where everyone is while they're down on the planet.

Hey! As you might have noticed, Altman is planning a little jaunt down to the planet. Only the little jaunt has a fair few number of people tagging along (and there's room for more, if you'd like to throw your character at his post), and I figure we should have a bit of a pow-wow about what's going to happen!

ICly Altman will be organizing the trip to happen in a couple days. In the meantime, he's going to be gathering supplies, organizing a shuttle, that sort of thing--he's also going to be making sure each child (under 18) going will be paired off with a 'responsible' adult. What does that mean for you? A chance to generate new CR! Altman will be randomly pairing people off, so this is the list of who I have so far;


Altman & Aradia
Zaeed & Kanaya
Shockwave & CNC!Soundwave & Skyfire
Ashley & Jin
Isaac & Sollux

If anyone else wants to pair off for whatever reason, or has an issue with these groupings, let me know. Altman likes the idea of the buddy system. Characters are free to protest this IC, but Altman isn't letting any kids come along if they don't consent to adult supervision. Also they all get tasers and whistles.

Of course, even the best laid plans of mice and men go up in smoke from time to time. An outing of this size heading down is just asking for trouble, and there's any number of things that can go wrong. Since everyone seems to be going for their own reason, splitting up is bound to occur, and we have a few potential random encounters for characters to have:

Magmaworms. Attracted to sound/vibration. Generally large and horribly dangerous unpleasant.
Insurgents. Could be a good encounter, could be bad, depends how well you can talk yourself out of a corner.
Natural dangers. Shit, is that tunnel caving in? Or a sudden, unexpected drop-off? Be careful in those tunnels, kiddos.
??? Think of something else? Let us know!

This is a good chance for characters to meet the insurgency, and if that's your goal let us know! This post is mostly to coordinate what various characters will be doing on the planet, and letting us know where NPCs will be needed and when.


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