5 Jan 2012

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Hey guys! Just a note that I'll be skiing this weekend and then abducting Buttercup to a foreign country going on a cruise next week. I'll have limited Internet until Sunday and then no net at all until the 14th, at which point I intend to collapse into unconsciousness. So my boys will be on autopilot until the 15th, meaning I will see you all on our shiny new DW home!

Affects Delta ([livejournal.com profile] alaspooryork) who is keeping his name on DW, and Emile ([livejournal.com profile] evaskullface) who will be returning as "spaceracist" on DW.

Yes, I totally got "spaceracist" for him.
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Welcome to the first official post on Dreamwidth, Singularity! This is your OOC settling-in post where you can ask questions and just generally throw your stuff all over the place and start making it home.

First of all, please comment to the shiny new Taken page so that your DW accounts can be added. Also, if you haven't made your app available somewhere on DW yet, please do so.

Second, the new Reserves page is open for business. There are a couple of days left in the reserve round, and you can reserve here or on LJ. Both pages will be kept up-to-date, and use of the LJ one will be discontinued next round. (All the information pages are being started new on DW, because constantly logging into the LJ-side mod account with OpenID to maintain the old ones would be rather defeating the purpose.)

Third, we've decided to deviate from the timeline a little and allow posting in the crack comm starting...now. We know some people can't even load LJ or are getting headaches just from looking at it, and it's been long enough without them being able to participate. The mod CR with Me meme will still go up on the 9th as scheduled, and IC posting starts on the 13th.

Fourth, here are some resources with DW-specific information:If there's something we should add, please link to it in comments!

And finally, we've set up a few threads in comments already, but you don't have to stick to those if you've got something that doesn't fit any of them.

here's another copy of the timeline )


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